Often, fishing is for pleasure rather than for food on the table. Practicing catch and release, by releasing fish immediately after they are caught, is a conservation measure that contributes to fish populations, rather than decreasing them. Following a few basic guidelines will increase the chances of a fish's survival:
  1. Whenever possible, do not take the fish out of the water.

  2. Filing the barbs off hooks makes removal much easier.

  3. Never pull a hook from the fish's throat or stomach; it is better to cut the line many hooks will rust away.

  4. Avoid excessive handling of fish.

  5. If handling is necessary, make certain not to Squeeze or drop the fish.

  6. Never put your fingers in the gills or eye sockets.

  7. Many anglers are starting to "catch on" to catch-and- release. Releasing fish helps maintain a fishery for the future!